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How We Got Started

I became passionate about the German shepherd dog 25 years ago with my first German shepherd that walked into my life, Rowan. I fell in love with the breeds true loyalty, soundness and temperament

and invaluable companionship to our family.


Our kennel name, Winter Forest, stems from 'Iliegh Vom Burgimwald', which is an acronym and full meaning "I love you, from the castle in the forest". As she was a winter puppy the name was developed and the start of it all. 


Through Vom Burgimwald Kennels I have started my journey and preservation breeding of this magnificent canine. They have been a mentor and solid structure in developing my skills, working and champion titling my dogs. German Shepherds can make wonderful family pets and loyal companions. If you value their stable temperament, intelligence, and protective nature, then this sounds like the dog for you!

We are an ethical preservation breeding home with a purposeful approach to breeding German Shepherds, a highly popular and versatile dog breed. Our puppies are born in our home nursery with tender love and care. The puppies are exposed to daily activities within a family based environment. We strive to improve the breed's overall health, temperament, working abilities, and conformation while adhering to breed standards set by the Canadian Kennel Club and other breed organizations.

We are OFA/OVA tested for hips, elbows and overall health testing. These standards dictate the ethical physical characteristics, including body structure, size, coat color, and ear set.

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and versatility. We focus on producing puppies with stable and well-balanced temperaments. Parent dogs undergo temperament evaluations to ensure they possess desirable traits, including sound nerves, trainability, and adaptability.

German Shepherds have a rich history as working dogs, excelling in various roles such as police and military work, search and rescue, and service dogs. We prioritize in preserving and enhancing the breed's working abilities by selecting dogs with proven working titles, competition records, or successful working lineages.

By prioritizing these factors, we strive to produce German Shepherd puppies that are not only physically and mentally sound but also excel in their potential roles as companions, working dogs, or service animals.

For more information & puppy reservation contact

Kim Nelson    905-442-1807

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